Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program

Obesity is a serious health concern in America today. The majority of the population is either too fat or on the verge of obesity. This alarming situation is calling for a nationwide revival of an interest in healthy lifestyles.
Several programs on weight loss, diet and exercise have been introduced.

Supplementary products that range from diet pills to fat burning lotions have flooded the market. A person may choose from many solutions, but success largely depends on attitude and proper guidance from professional experts.
Many diet programs carry the name of the doctor or health institution that formulated them like the Mayo Diet. But there are general terms used to address each kind.

Beginners in the weight loss arena are usually given or prescribed a fixed-menu diet. This diet lists the food a person eats each day with a caloric intake designed to shed pounds. While it is the simplest diet to follow, many people eventually get bored with the program and digress from the list.

A similar program is the prepackaged meal diet. In this case, a person does not prepare meals. Packaged foods with varying calories are provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This diet is ideal for people who are too busy to prepare their own diet meals or have trouble finding substitutes for ingredients.

A good diet program involves the dieter in the decision process. Education is key to the success of any diet program. For example, in an exchange diet, a person is taught to identify food that is healthy and what the acceptable amounts to consume are. A person can be creative and express more freedom by selecting what and how much can be consumed.

The formula diet is a program that requires a person to replace one meal a day with a liquid, vitamin enriched drink that is loaded with protein, carbohydrates and a small amount of fat. The formula diet is said to cause fast weight loss, but it does not teach a person anything about proper food selections or how to maintain a healthy and fit body. It is not a long-term solution to weight lose, as most people regain the pounds they lost once they stop the regiment.

There are diet programs that focus only certain elements that make a person fat. For example, there are those that only prescribe monitoring fat intake or calorie or sugar intake. There are many controversies attached to these diet programs, and it is advisable to always ask the opinion of your doctor before undergoing a program of this nature.